My #14daysofbreakloop Journey

My #14daysofbreakloop Journey

My insights on the #14daysofbreakloop challenge organized by @100daysofcodes.

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Hey there. In this blog, I'll be sharing my insights on the #14daysofbreakloop challenge organized by @100daysofcodes.

BackStory 🤛

So first of all, this challenge is a part of #100DaysOfCode. If you don't know, it's a commitment to yourself:
"I will code for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days."

You tweet every day about your progress and work.

I started the same on Feb 3, 2021. Then I found @100daysofcodes and downloaded their extension. This is really helping me to stay consistent.

How It Started 🙅‍♀️

I joined the #14daysofbreakloop on 24 Feb. I haven't done any such challenges before or joined any hackathons (even if I had numerous plans in my tiny mind) due to my imposter syndrome... So to overcome this, I decided to participate and so made a plan 3 days before and figured out what I'll be making on each day. I wasn't afraid anymore.

Untitled design.png

These 14 days went amazing and helped me polish my skills so much and I'm glad I decided to do the challenge! 🙂

Progress I made :P


Mini Projects I made 💻

Disclaimer: Please ignore the name of the projects! I lack creative thinking sometimes. XD

  1. Typing Horror : Visit here
  2. Water Memoire : Visit here
  3. PaperPen : Visit here
  4. Swipe Board : Visit here
  5. Do The Thing : Visit here
  6. Note Binder : Visit here
  7. Get Inspired : Visit here
  8. FindWiki : Visit here
  9. LIpsum : Visit here
  10. Snap Up : Visit here
  11. MyCalci : Visit here
  12. Random Blush : Visit here
  13. Codyy : Visit here
  14. Shreya's Portfolio : Visit here

How it Ended 👇

You can see all the projects in action here:



That's all for now. Thanks for taking out time to read this. 👋 If you're really serious about 100DaysOfCode, you should try this extension. All the best for your journey.

If you want to see my journey of 100days of code, I share my progress daily on Twitter. Connect me here !

Connect me here: Twitter| GitHub

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